Intuition & Inspiration - A Key to Joy!

It is here, this affordable on-line workshop workshop at only $39, will get you back in touch with who you really are!  A time to remember the gifts you came in with, to remember the things that make you smile if you are feeling they are eluding you and start the journey of discovering what your soul came in to do!  Take this time for yourself. Start the practice of 10 minutes a day to find more happiness in your life and start to build a strong foundation of self-love and understanding.  After that anything is possible!  This is an affordable on-line workshop, using video and pdf's you can download at your leisure.  You can also contact me twice thru the series via email if you have questions, or need further guidance. I am so happy you are let's begin!

Start Here to Begin Journey to Faith in You!

Intuition & YOU

Utilizing Zoom (a free download to your smart phone or computer), we will tailor this workshop around your immediate needs at this point in time, helping you grow and gain faith in your intuition, as well as seeing how your gifts and talents can be utilized to bring you more joy!  After all, that is why we are here, to move from adventure to adventure, finding the joy even when in times that are difficult.

There will be four (4) - 45 minute Zoom conferences and 4 email question and answer sessions.  Connect with me via email to set up your private sessions with me.  This is such an exciting step!!!!

Investment is $200 for four sessions if paid for at once, or $65 each if paid prior to each of the four sessions.

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Workshops can be tailored to suite your needs!

I have been asked how these workshops are different from my classes on intuition.  The answer is they are tailored to the level you are at and what your present interest is in the metaphysical world.

On-line workshops are fabulous as you can review the material at any time day or evening, and in most locations you have access to the internet.  My workshops all have email access for questions, should you have questions.

My zoom workshops are fabulous if you are someone who likes to see a face while discussing the subject matter.  It is also flexible in that  you can book extra meet-ups should you feel the need and I also include email conversations with these, as well.  My goal is to help you to the next step in your soul journey. You came in with so many gifts, you just have to 'remember' them.  Thru various workshops, it will spark your soul memory and get you moving in the direction that brings your heart joy.


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Contact me for more information on these workshops, it is time to truly discover what you want your next step to be......