Since 1993

Barbara Fe - Spirit Medium

As a spirit medium, inspiration coach, and energy practitioner, I use the mediumship gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience to bring forward messages from loved ones, guides and angels who are trying to get your attention. Often they want to bring insight into an area of your life to give direction, relief or validation of what you have been sensing. Always moving you toward the joy you came in to feel and express as the Light being you are. They also help me remove blocks held within your aura and physical body so you feel lighter and more energetic.

I have always had a profound interest in what unites us, spirituality, and a great love of nature and the environment. I have also found great joy having had many four legged friends in my life.  I have been a Usui/Tibetan Reiki practitioner for over 20 years, using it with humans and animals in a former business I owned called Heartfelt Compressions, and I am also a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. I continue to use various energy modalities to help people shift their mind, body and soul back to wellness.

At the University of NH, I studied Environmental Science and World Religions, two areas I have a passion for, wanting to help preserve the health of the planet we live on and discovering the fundamentals that bring us together, instead of what makes us different. I believe we can create a balanced and healthy world!

I would love to help support you in any area that you feel stuck; whether it be life path, career, exploring a place of residence, relationship issues, grief support, a sense of energetic balance, as well as helping you find your way back to joy. If you are here, you know it's time to get back on path to 'your' personal journey. I always ask that the information that comes forth is for your highest good and that we both be blessed by spending this time together.  I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you love always!




Mediumship is channeling information from the world around us, working with loved ones, guides, angels and ascended masters, to obtain information to benefit us on our life path. The entire Universe is filled with support and by tapping into that support, together we can get you to remember who you are, and what brings you joy!

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Energy Work & Environmental Balancing

Along with my guides, I work with the energy in and around your physical body using Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy) and what I call Divine connection to help 'you' restore balance. With Environmental Balancing I work with the Elemental's in your immediate environment, typically the place where you reside, to create a greater sense of peace and balance.

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I offer classes in small groups on subjects such as 'Intuition 101 - Let's Make it Fun', 'Meet Your Guides', 'It's in the Cards', 'Working with the Elemental World', and 'Trusting Your Gifts'.  I show you how being in touch with the information around you will help you feel more confident in making decisions and you will feel a greater sense of the support around you. After all you are gifted, as well as loved beyond measure.

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Please contact me by telephone or email to begin the process of getting back the peace and clarity you know you deserve, and follow me on Facebook for inspiration and event locations.