Can you feel the shift in yourself?

You cannot go on social media without seeing the posts regarding the optimism for 2017. In part I am certain it is due to seeing so many celebrities cross over, those that have entertained us thru music, movie and the like and feeling a sense of loss or ‘what’s next’ or even feeling the impact on their families and friends. I too have lost friends this year, and have had many changes which have made me stop to contemplate more than usual where I fit in to what is taking place.

I am choosing to embrace the uncertainty of what comes next.  I am taking the changes that have occurred as a chance to dig deeper into searching my soul for answers to what I came in to do in this incarnation and how I can help to bring more joy into my life and those around me. I feel blessed to have ridden this bumpy wave and have risen to a new level of positive awareness.

Let us all continue to see the beautiful colors, the beautiful in people and move forward with a lighter heart toward ever more joy!  And if ever you need a helping hand, don’t forget to reach out. We are here to support each other on this fabulous journey called life. It could be in your reaching out you end up helping someone in return that was also in need.

Sending love out and hoping you feel surround you!

Hugs, Medium Barbara Fe

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