Intuition 101

If you are here you believe in the intuitive ability but perhaps you have doubts about yours. In this class I help you have more faith in the innate abilities you have, speaking about how I gained more faith in my own and using fun exercises to show you that you have more ability than you realize.  Being spiritually connected to all that exists and to the real 'you', will give you a sense of self love and empowerment!

Meet Your Spiritual Helpers

In what we call 'this crazy life' so often we are looking for answers to the ever perplexing questions in our minds. Often turning to the media just compounds that confusion. What if all we had to do is ask a question and we would get an answer? Your spiritual team can help you do just that! They help you discover your souls path in this lifetime and provide you with the support along the way....

Private Mentor Sessions

I work with you individually or as a group to help you build confidence in your intuitive abilities. We expand on the basic Intuition 101 class, helping you gain faith in your abilities through additional information and practice, so you can use them for your day to day activities, as well as help others. Discovering your strengths, you become balanced and help co-create a beautiful loving, peaceful and healthy world for yourself and all you love!

Intuition 101 - Let's Make It Fun

There are many types of Intuitive Abilities.  The typical 'clairs' you hear about are Chairvoyance (seeing/vision), Clairaudience (hearing), Clairsentience (physical feeling), Clairalience (smell), Claircognizance (knowing), Clairgustance (tasting).  Other abilities include aura reading, automatic writing, channeling, empathy, psychometry, telephathy and remote viewing.  This is not a complete list but you are starting to get the idea there are many ways to communicate with the unseen world all around us.  Through this beginners class you will gain a sense of some of the ways you can tap into the information around you. I will give you insight on my self discovery and we will do some basic psychic practice to help you begin to see the areas you are most probably already using. In addition, we will talk about connecting with nature to see how much feeling connected to all that is helps you expand your spiritual toolbox, and allows you to feel connected more than you imagined!

angels as stars

Meet Your Guides....

If you are reading this, you already know there is help beyond what you can see. You most likely have heard of the term 'guides'  or spirit helpers, and you also believe your loved ones that have crossed over are trying to communicate and help you along your life's path. By the way, you are right!

In this class I share different methods I have used to make the connection. We all process information differently, so what might work for one of you, may not work for another. So I will share several techniques to help you tap into the information that is available to you from those Spirit beings around you. I will also be channeling information I receive to help you with this process.

This is currently a private class held in my home in Sanbornville, New Hampshire, for up to three people. I keep the class size down to be able to tailor the class to everyone's needs. I want you to walk away with some tools to use the moment you leave the class!



Trusting Your Intuitive Gifts & Guides

In Intuition 101 and Meet Your Spirit Helpers, I introduced you to the various ways intuition can present itself in your life. I also shared the many different types of guidance that is available to you at any given moment.

In this class we expand upon that, speaking about different practices to further the expansion of your intuition and ways to gain faith in your particular gifts.  We also go into the importance of creating sacred space to spend time developing your skills and the importance of going within, what that means, and that in fact it is easier to accomplish than you may believe.

We will practice different skill-sets to see what comes more naturally to you, we'll talk more about your spiritual team and we'll discuss the importance of meditation, and that in fact it is easy to embrace, once you make just a five minute commitment a day. As well as the gift of having a special spirit mentor so you know you have a go-to presence that is always around you, providing loving support.

I have no doubt that everyone who attends this class will enjoy feeling a shift in consciousness. I hold the class at my home, for up to 3 students. And if you choose to do a private session, you will feel the presence of your spiritual team in a new and exciting way!

Are you ready to begin....

Please contact me by telephone or email to begin the process of getting back the peace and clarity you know you deserve, and follow me on Facebook for inspiration and event locations.