My God given toolbox of perception

I use the three 'clairs' as they are called, clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling) to connect to those at a higher vibration that are around us.  I have always been an empath. As light beings many of us feel the energy all around, whether it be from another person, something in the environment such as a tree's energy or a stone, along with energy attached to objects such furniture, clothing, jewelry, etc. When I connect, I open myself up to any information that is available. I allow myself to be a channel and it is such a gift to be able to do so. When I first started doing this on a regular basis I was brought to tears as the feeling of 'unconditional love' was nothing like I had ever felt. Now it just as often makes me smile and tingle all over,  you know, that 'goose-bump' feeling. So if ever you see me laugh or chuckle, I am not being disrespectful, I am just feeling the amazing energy being shared. It is highly likely you will feel it too! And honestly I am happy to have the giggles at times, I initially thought I would have to call myself the crying medium and I wasn't sure that would always go over well. Whatever emotion comes through, please know I understand the loss of a loved one.  I myself have had so many people I love cross over, and you would think it would affect me a little less knowing I will reconnect soon.  But no, I go thru every process you do, sadness and anger, and the big 'why'.  I am of course human.

It is an honor to work with you and your spiritual team. Together we connect with loved ones, guides, and angels, so you will feel their presence and love; we can gain clarity in areas that you have been feeling stuck, perhaps sad or uneasy, or just plain blah.  Or we can validate that you are in fact moving in the right direction at this point in your life. I can also help to assure you that those who have gone before you are not only at peace but in fact are continuing to fulfill their souls journey. I am overjoyed when you discover not only that you are surrounded by love but truly Love is who you are!  Let's move back into that peace that passes understanding and the joy we are meant to have on our earth journey. Our time together will be amazing!

Typical Questions About Mediumship

  1. Is there anything to fear?  Absolutely not! When I connect with your loved ones, guides or the angelic realm, a sense of peace, excitement, or that 'goose bump' or 'tingle bump' feeling usually occurs. It can also be emotional depending on the Spirit message or messenger.  I myself, always find it a very blessed experience.
  2. Is there anything I should do prior to a session? First, I find coming with an open mind to the fact that anything is possible is very helpful. Thinking of those you love both here and crossed over helps to elevate the energy around both of us. You may want to write down questions you have prior to the session, if any, so you remember to ask because sometimes the experience is emotional and you may forget.
  3. Is there a difference between a long distance reading, telephone, email or video, versus in person? From my perspective and for those on the other side, no. Whether you and I are together or apart their energy is just as strong, and remember they indeed can be with both of us at the same time! I have actually had some of the best readings I've done via the telephone.

The Spirit connection, why are my questions not always answered?

Your Spirit team is here to assist you on your souls path to help you progress and guide you toward the next best course of action or to deter you when you are off-path, they want to get you back on track. Often what we think we need to know or what we think we should do isn't always in our best interest, as we don't always see the 'big picture'. If your team fails to answer a question you are thinking about, it is because they do not want to interfere with your current life path.  Sometimes it is our decision to make, so to speak, because it's the decision that brings the big ah ha moment.

Please remember, the love that is around you is unlike anything you could imagine.  There is nothing that wants you to fail, to feel anything less than the perfect you. Be open to what you receive and have faith in 'your knowing' and perception.  You will be thrilled with what you gain from our session if you come in with an open mind and heart.

I have done hundreds of readings and can count on one hand the number of people who didn't gain something of value from the experience. I am very excited to be the one that helps you on your journey at this point in time!


What takes place when assisting families and loved ones through the dying process?

This is an area dear to my heart. For families and loved ones my goal is to bring peace to all concerned, creating an energetically peaceful environment, as well as supporting all involved. I work with my guides,  you and your loved ones guides to help bring calm and understanding on a spiritual level. I am open to all religions and their traditions. I am not there to represent any religious doctrine, only to be a supportive, helping to make the transition easier through love, compassion and working energetically to bring the best and highest vibration possible. I will sit with your loved one and if they have any questions I will share the impressions I receive. If they are unable to speak or wish to just 'be', I can still help with their spiritual journey.  I also provide Reiki to those who request it, as often it brings a sense of peace, helps to lessen pain, and at times brings insight into the next adventure to come!

My goal is to help everyone involved feel the unconditional love that is present when its time for their loved one to cross. And also answer questions with the help of those on the other side.

I want to share something that I've learned over the years, helping my own loved ones cross. I read it in a book entitled 'The Four Things that Matter Most' by Ira Byock, MD, a dear man who helped start the hospice program in New Hampshire.  He states, 'The four things to say to one another that can make a world of difference before someone crosses are: Please forgive me. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you!'

It is important to note that I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. I work with the spiritual realm to help all concerned find peace and comfort.