Our Approach

Barbara Fe is a born Spirit Medium, Inspiration Coach and Energy Facilitator

who has a truly unique gift of delivering the insight and information that you need to find resolve or closure in your life situations. Her readings can shed light where there seemed to be none, delivering insight and action steps where there seemed to be no possible solutions available. Energy sessions are intuitively guided and energy is channeled using Usui / Tibetan Reiki symbols, as well as Universal Love energy exchange.  A session with Barbara will help you to let go of issues that are keeping you from joy, she will help you move forward in areas you feel stuck, ease painful emotional and physical issues and grow and evolve as the spiritual being that you inherently are!

Our Story

I started to wonder at an early age...

if there wasn't more than meets the eye when I could see what appeared to be 'shadow' people around me at night when my mother put me to bed (I admit I was not elated at the time).  When I got older I would hear people speaking, it sounded much like a low volume radio playing which could be annoying to say the least. I  also received impressions around objects such as antiques, people's clothing or jewelry, and I found myself avoiding large gatherings as the impressions got stronger, as well as antique shops.  I found creative ways to cope with the sensations, such as using a term I called at the time 'scramble my brain' to come up with clever distractions.

During a two year period, while renovating a 1700's colonial home, I felt I wasn't alone and began to name this entity the Captain, only to find out later that in fact a Sea Captain had built the home for his family.  Around this time, I met Isabeau Maxwell (formerly Esby) who  explained what I could see or hear was a gift, so I began the process of working with Isabeau for two years and The S.A.G.E. Method (Self Empowerment - Accuracy - Growth - Ethics) to increase my faith in what came naturally to me, so I could use what I knew as a way to help others. I believed The S.A.G.E. Method was a gift from the Divine that came at just the right time, as it also reminded me 'who I was' and it helped me find my way back to the curiosity and wow moments I had as a child!

I have had the gift of spending time with other intuitives, such as the amazing Kelly Libby, who taught me different types of meditation techniques to gain a stronger bond with my spiritual connection and inner knowing.  I was blessed in 2016 to attend Soulapalooza at the suggestion of another wonderful intuitive soul, Susan Luddy. The inspiring Dooley brothers (Mike and Andy) who put the event on, davidji the meditation master, and the explorer in the area of abundance, love and peace, Pam Grout, created an experience which further showed me I am here to help others on a larger scale to connect to the fact that Love is who they are, and that you should experience profound joy and a sense of adventure in this lifetime. While there I also met another Divinely inspired intuitive, Nicole Mignone, who using her intuitive gifts, inspires me to continue being me! And that is one the best gifts of all!

Whether you are looking to connect with all your spiritual helpers for peace or guidance on your personal journey, or to bring back the joy that seems to be alluding you, I am always grateful for the opportunity to sit with you and be a channel for that insight. I am honored to share the messages I receive and help you get back to feeling like the real you again!

I hope you are ready to spend some time with me and enjoy the process.  It will truly be amazing!

You are the reason!

I have never been in the presence of a sitter, their loved ones and guides, when I was not blessed by it.  I thank you for allowing me to be the one to assist you at this time on your life journey. Always in gratitude, Barbara
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Please contact me by email or telephone to begin the process of getting back the peace and clarity you know you deserve; and follow me on Facebook @intuitivebarbarafe, and at my You Tube channel for inspiration and event locations.