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Barbara Fe Mediumship Services Offered

PLEASE contact Barbara and set up an appointment PRIOR to making the payment….thank you!

  • Telephone – 30 min $50;    60 min $80
  • Zoom – 40 min $70
  • In Person Readings at my home in Sanbornville (Wakefield) New Hampshire* $80    Please email me at to make the appointment. 
  • I am not currently traveling to your home; please check back as this could change. Thank you.

*All readings include one email consultation if you have questions or need clarification on what we spoke about.

Spiritual Consultation


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for 30 minute telephone or Zoom readings and 60 minute spirit consults or energy session in my home office.  They must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase. Email Barbara at to schedule your session.

Gift Certificates


Payment for 15 to 20 Minute Spirit Consultations or Reiki at Holistic Events

~~~ $30~~~



Private Group Classes at my home office in Sanbornville (Wakefield) New Hampshire

Class price is $50 each,  a maximum of three people.  You may pick from 2 topics prior to the class session. Private sessions are available in my office, also via telephone or Zoom. Private sessions are $80.

Current Classes are:

  • Intuition 101 – Let’s Make it Fun  – This is an overview of intuition, including the different ways intuition presents itself, along with how to remove blocks to your gifts.
  • Meet Your Guide(s)  – Guides are invaluable to me in my work. We will discuss the different types of guides along with how to work with them.
  • Trusting Your Intuitive Gifts & Guides – This class expands upon the Intuition 101, working toward faith in your intuitive gifts.
  • Practice Makes Perfect – This class we will practice several different modalities to see what resonates with you, and I will give you home work to do.  Not to worry, you will not be graded 🙂
  • Intuition Q & A – You bring your questions and I will share what I have learned thru practice and get guided information as we spend our time together.
  • Its In the Cards – Practice using tarot and oracle cards as a way to gather information for self and others.
  • Psychometry – Experiencing the information and emotions held in an object, it is a fun way to go back in time to experience something for someone or yourself.
  • Working with the Elementals – Learning about the different spirit energies in nature, how they interact with each other, what they are here to learn and teach us, and how we can enjoy the energy they share.
  • How to keep lower energy vibrations from spending time with you – When we are intuitive and open, there are times we get what I call hitch-hikers attracted to us.  It can make us tired, cranky or just plain uneasy.  I will share tips on when to know they are there and how to move them along!
  • Signs, signs, everywhere signs – How to gain faith in the signs from loves ones and guides that are given to us every day.
  • Meditation – It’s not as complicated as your mind would have you believe. We will do a few simple meditations to show you how easy and relaxing it can be.  It is one of the best ways to spend time with the Divine, connecting with our inner truth, as well as getting to know who is around you and feeling their presence.
  • Balancing Your Life as an Empath ~ It can be difficult to navigate in such as complicated world when you are an empath, meaning someone who is highly sensitive to all that goes on on planet earth, whether near or far.  Filled with compassion in a world that at times appears to be neither compassionate or friendly, can be daunting.  Realizing your sensitivity is a gift is a great way to navigate life’s journey and honing your particular empathic  gift will help you feel comfortable with your unique sense and you will feel  empowered by it!
  • Please, email me to set up a time that works best prior to making payment.  Thank you!
Intuition Class

Reiki & Universal Energy Session in my Home Office

Intuitive healing sessions are approximately 90 minutes, which includes 30 minutes of intuitive discussion before or after the session. This can be a magical experience between you and ‘you’, meaning that lovely soul of yours. I will use various modalities and my intuitive skills to try to remove blocks or help reveal what may be needed at this time for you to start feeling more like ‘beautiful you’ again. The cost for this session is $80

Please email me at to schedule an appointment.


Remote Intuitive / Energy Session for You or Your Home Environment

Remote session typically takes 60 to 90 minutes depending on the circumstance using the telephone or Zoom.  Remotes sessions are $80.   If materials such as crystals are suggested, and you accept, they will be shipped to you at a charge of $20 (within the United States only). 


Reiki / Energy & Consult


Please Read Disclaimer Below Prior to making a purchase. All purchases are non-refundable.

If you wish to reschedule, it must be done within three weeks of cancellation.  I will make every effort to book the reschedule as time allows.



You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a service from this website or have a parent or guardian present for a reading. The advice, information, services or other content provided on this web site,, Barbara Fe ~ Spirit Medium or Barbara Fe LLC, are not a substitute for medical and/or psychiatric care. Services provided such as energy work, intuitive information such as spiritual consultations & life coaching, or other insightful information provided thru the above stated, is not intended as medical or psychiatric advice and should not be considered replacement for consultation and treatment with an appropriate medical or psychiatric professional; and all issues involving health, legal matters, as well as financial should be directed to the appropriate medical, psychiatric, legal or financial professional before action is taken.

Barbara Fe ~ Spirit Medium or Barbara Fe LLC shall not be held liable for any loss of income or stress caused by any person or event incurred in the process of providing these services to the clients. Barbara Fe ~ Spirit Medium or Barbara Fe LLC offer the best possible service but cannot be held responsible for any action taken. Remember you have free will and often action is required on your part in order for certain events or outcomes to take place. You are always responsible for your decisions and choices. All sessions are confidential and will not be discussed with external parties without prior consent. However, general references may be used in blogs or when giving advice but at no time will a name or specific information be used.

Completing payment is your agreement that you have read and understood all the terms and conditions. You are stating that you are of sound mind and body, accepting sole responsibility for your own actions, thoughts, and outcomes – before, during, and after my services. All readings are offered for entertainment purposes only. All prices are subject to change and once a payment is made it is non-refundable. If an appointment must be canceled, 72 hour notice must be received in order to an appointment to be rescheduled.

Contact Barbara at:

  • 207.619.0581