Baby Steps and Angels

If ever I was taught the virtue of taking baby steps toward a goal it was when I had to learn to create my own website with very little knowledge about the subject.  Every accomplishment was followed by more questions.  And after putting together the basics, and feeling very accomplished, I would soon find that the template I chose was not all together fabulous on the cell phone view.  Or the fact a static picture by the web designer was imbedded on my blog page.  One could go mad if it weren’t for the angels along the way.

Angels come in many forms.  People who connect with you out of the blue who have sage advice, articles that magically pop up on category subjects you are stuck with, or a message or phone call that totally clears your head from all the website aggravation clutter. As I progress in this area I’m coming to embrace each new challenge as I know an angel in some form will be sent to me to get the ‘next step’ of accomplishment.  So to the angels in all forms that I know will continue to help my website evolve, a very special thank you!

And yes, I am not finished with my website ‘design’.  My guess, just about the time I feel I am, I’ll have evolved to the point it needs another revamp!  Here’s a big shout out to embracing the contrast!

Much love and hope to you always!

Barbara Fe ~ Spirit Medium