It’s time to boogie!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to for the next adventure! For me, the time of seclusion was a period of transformation in many ways. I went through, as many of you did, loss of humans and pets alike. I experienced the moments of ‘what is going to happen next’, and then because I am someone who always keeps the faith (now I hear Billy Joel singing in my head), I began the process of thinking of what do I want to feel in light of the changes that were before me.

I am on a new mission to see what is next, how about you? I’ve come full circle diving back into what I call the healing arts. When someone is hurting what do we want to do, help them heal! Well I was wounded and if I wanted to feel me again, I wanted to use all the tools I knew and then add more to help me! Because if there is one thing I know, if we are feeling upended, so are others that will cross our path, and if we can help them in any way, we need to know how. So I am boogieing on down and working with some lovely ladies helping me to remember other gifts I may have forgotten and I am feeling a whole lot better already!

I hope you can put on your fancy dancing shoes and start to boogie yourself. We did not go through the pains of the last year or so, just to be miserable, sad or mad. We went through them because we knew we would not only come through stronger but a better version of ourselves. So grab your favorite shoes and start dancing ladies and gents, its time to ramp love and healing up! I am on that dance floor with you! Much love to you always!