What a beautiful winter day!

The wonderful thing about living in New England, is each day is a unique event in the weather department.  One day can be frigid and blustery and the next 32 degrees at 8 am, which can feel like a tropical heat wave!  Even better, if you peek into nature, you can watch the trees and animals go from energetic lock-down to pulsing with excitement, no differently than we are!  Today is one of those days, where magic is everywhere…beauty knows no bounds, birds of spring continue to arrive, buds continue to grow, and if you walk amongst it all, you know you are being allowed to be part of something expansive, powerful, and loving.  I just wanted to share my feelings of bliss and gratitude and I hope you are feeling the same!  Sending you love beyond measure and I hope you take part in the dance of day.  Big hug!  Link to Video on Spirit in Nature