The Magic of the Elementals…

Recently I did a Facebook live with the beautiful Ilona Machj on the Elementals, who they are and what they do.  You can find it on my Facebook page @intuitivebarbarafe.

For me it began in childhood when I would walk into the forest and feel as if I was being ‘watched’ or I would go to my favorite rock to sit and dream, and I would feel light and wanting to giggle, as I watched grasses move, flowers wave, and what appeared to be twinkles of light.  Then after seeing a few Disney movies I truly wondered what if there were fairies and elves and dwarfs, etc.  I used my curiosity and sense of wonder to connect with those that many thought were only fantasy.  My time spent speaking to them of all my dreams and feeling truly supported, going to them when I was afraid and sitting under my favorite tree and feeling safe and having visions of what has been and what will be; it all was more wonderful than anything I was learning in a book.  I would ride my horse deep into the woods, take off the saddle and let my horse graze on little patches of grass while I used the saddle for a pillow and dream of being a cowboy and listen to the voices in the wind.  It was the most safe and natural place for me to be.  Then came a time that trees were being cut down and I could feel the confusion going on and on and although I tried to stop the process at age 10, no one would listen.  No one understood my protest, along with a chicken named henny penny. And I cried as a tree that had shared so much with me was no longer.  I wondered when all was quiet if ever I would hear from them again. Much to my happiness, while I went into the woods, they would gather and go about their business and more important they still trusted me!  I promised as much as possible I would protect their villages and favorite places, as well as try to understand what they wanted me to know.

Some of you reading this may find it all a children’s musing and it is ok, we all need a good ‘fairy’ tale.  But 50 years later I still hear their laughter, I recognize their dismay, and I try to preserve what I can.  You see, it is in their laughter and diligence, they are trying to heal this planet for all of us.  Those giants that walk amongst us that some of us can see in our minds eye, down to the small wee ones, mermaids and dragons alike, are all trying to remind us that this earth is a precious gift….

Take some time, sit in a misty meadow, find yourself a nice rock to see what dances around you, hug a tree and allow the grounding energy of the ages make you feel safe and supported!  Use your imagination until the visions appear.  But most of all, when out there tell them how grateful you are, because it is then they trust and the gifts you receive will be powerful.

The entire Universe is here to support you on your journey.  From the smallest quantum particle to the God of all that is.  Nothing is disconnect from your souls growth.  Accept it all, and then feel the love.  You will be blessed beyond measure!

Have a mystical magical day filled with love and laughter, with a sprinkle of fairy dust on top!