The Beauty of the Snowfall

 How often do we hear the ‘dreaded’ weather report and start to tense up, worry and the panic ensue’s. You go to the grocery store for a few things that you typically buy only to find the parking lot full and a store full of agitated individual’s who typically are a joy to be around but at the moment you wish you were anywhere but in that store!  Why do we buy into the energy of that ‘report’ with such stress and malice.  When in reality, if we are just a tad mindful, take those precautions that come from years of living in the north country, the day really can be quite spectacular and full of joy.  The beauty alone of the new fallen snow should bring comfort or a sense of divine wonder.

For the past several years, instead of becoming part of the ‘oh no here it comes’ group, I decided to do the few things that would be best to do in preparation, such as gas for the generator and fill the gas tank in the truck, then relax and embrace what can be as wonderful a season as any.  I refuse to believe God is somehow punishing those who live in the north, as if we were banished to a land of intolerable weather.  I think, those of us who choose to stay, continue to see Love / God / Inspiration in all changes in the weather and realize it is just another way to see just how strong an individual we are, and that the weather is just another adventure along the way.

I hope you are all cozy and warm, and are able to see the beauty of all that was creative just for our journey here on planet earth.

Big hug and you all know I love you!!!!