Magic and Creativity the Key to Intuition

The term 'in the zone' couldn't be more true when we are living from the heart, being creative, seeing the magic all around, just as we did when we were a child.  Why did it stop?  Or perhaps if you are one of the lucky ones it did not.  If that is the case, please sprinkle some of your magic vibes to your friends, family and all those you encounter as it's this love of life, finding every day an adventure and not a chore or worse yet, just a day, that brings us closest to the insights and ideas of adventure we came in for.

Now if you are one of the people who miss the the magic, and want to feel that inner joy of the new day and excitement of what you might encounter; start by making a few changes to 'a day' and watch it begin!  Get up and decide you are going to do the day differently, that you are going to dress like you would if you didn't feel there would be judgement (no such thing as judgement that means anything), dress with bright colors, something that you envisioned yourself in but said no way 'what would people think'.  You don't have to leave the house, if truly that would cause you discomfort...but please put the fun clothes on.

Play some music that is loud and fun and dance.  Dance like no one is watching!  Add some color to your favorite room.  It's spring, flowers and color are everything, bring some into your house and thank them for bringing you such delight.  Watch a 'silly and funny' movie.  Drink something colorful add beet juice to a smoothie to make it purple, make a salad adding every color of the rainbow.  If you want something with calories just because you want it, go ahead for one day, make a fancy pizza with color or get all cowboy with the grill.  This is all about what you don't typically take time for, what you would not traditionally do, and what just makes you laugh, smile and tingle like a child.

Once you feel the magic, you are in the zone of the Universal Love Source.  The day will spark creativity, it will spark ah ha moments, it will make you just happy to be alive.  It's days such as these that open us up to what the next adventure should be.  It helps us to answer the nagging questions because we have moved past the 'mind chatter' and just let ourselves exist as the loving soul we are.  It's like going on a mini vacation and we all know why vacations are so fabulous, it's because for a short time we don't 'think' about the day to day, we just are and oh how it feels, like magic!

And I'll tell you a these magical moments of just existing for the fun of it, we are the closest to the God source as we can be in the here and now!  And it's all good!

Hugs to you!  You know I love you!  You can follow me on my You Tube channel for Intuition Tips and Inspiration.

Please believe love is who you are!!!

Barbara Fe

Facebook @intuitivebarbarafe