Using Judgement as a Means of Introspection

I recently had to truly look at the issue of judgement. Being an empath creates many opportunities to tune in to your environment on a deep level only to find out at times, things are not what they seem, and people are not as they appear to be. After my initial thought during such an experience, which was ‘never saw that coming’ and what did I do to deserve this, I was left with an opportunity for introspection.

I do believe life reflects back to us our own thoughts and feelings, so I had to get honest with myself and see where I was judging others and/or just as bad, how I was judging myself. It’s one thing to believe in certain concepts but quite another to truly live them. It became apparent in this instance that I had to not only let my feelings go about being judged by another, but also to forgive myself for judging me. I mean if I spend time judging me, I certainly become fair game for someone else to do the same, because my thoughts are being projected out into the surrounding energy field.

In spite of this difficult discovery, that I am in part creating this negative thought process, it also made me very aware of where I am at this point in time. I will give myself credit for the many positive steps I’ve taken over the course of this lifetime and also give myself credit to want to continue to become the new and improved soul, named Barbara.

Where are you judging yourself or another? Is it out of a feeling of inadequacy? Is it from the fear of being less than another? Is it from a place where you believe someone is doing better than you in some area and that the Universe will not also provide you with equal and exciting opportunities to grow?

We are all equally beautiful. We are all equally a facet of Love expressing itself. It’s when we stop believing this that we do not shine as brightly as we came in to do. The saying ‘judge not, lest you be judged’ was not a condemnation but the prayer that we will free ourselves from anything that does not bring us joy. Because joy is from where we come and joy is where we are going….and while here, it is ever so important that we try to stay linked to who we really are because we did not choose an easy journey on planet earth but we did choose an adventure 🙂

I thank judgement for its wake-up call. I will heed the lesson and continue to choose to love myself and others just the way they we are. I hope you are able to remind yourself of how fabulous you are the next time you are judging anything, and quickly send a shout out of gratefulness for another amazing opportunity to grow more fully into the Light you are. Because we should all know that Love is Who We Are!

Big Hug! Barbara Fe